The association

At 27/5 the Club was founded under the name «EXWRAΪSTIKOS – CULTURAL ASSOCIATION ' AMPELAS PAROU '».

The Club's headquarters is defined as the area Councillor Ambela Naoussa Paros municipality on the island PAROS, Cyclades.

Aims of the Association are:

(A)) The elevation of the spiritual and general cultural level of club members and local residents Abelas Paros.

(B)) The advantage of all opportunities that can contribute to progress in the area of ​​Ampelas.

(C)) The study, evaluation and assessment of the problems affecting residents of Ambela and choosing the most appropriate instruments for solving them.

(D)) The constructive and equal cooperation of members of the Club with the local residents of Ambela, the local Council of the region of Naoussa's municipal district of the municipality of PAROS and general collective bodies and institutions of the municipality of Paros.

(E)) Creating appropriate conditions and strengthen any creative initiative of the members of the Association and the local residents of Ambela, associated with art, Sport and overall with each cultural activity.

(F)) Exploiting every possibility for the tourist development of the region of Ambela.

(G)) The procuration for the entertainment of the members of the Association and the local residents of Ambela, with the carrying out and organizing sports, cultural and other similar events, in harmony with the cultural culture and traditions of the place.

_) Creating Athletic Department, Theatre Group, local folk dances ensemble, choir and the general support for initiatives that promote the involvement of young people and local residents looking a these cultural activities.

(I)) The protection and promotion of archaeological monuments and sites of Ampelas.

(J)) The protection of the built and natural environment.

Ia) The cultivation of a spirit of solidarity and the development of feelings of responsibility and unconditional offer to the society.

The purposes of the Association will be achieved with the use of any means. Indicatively:

(A)) The development of every kind of cultural, sports and recreational activity.

(B)) The before the competent authorities and bodies in the Club's performance and cooperation with them.

(C)) The organisation of lectures, discussions, concentrations, excursions, cinematographic and theatrical performances and other similar events as well as tender and awarding various prizes.

(D)) The creation of the cultural center and library with reading room.

(E)) Release forms, publishing articles, studies etc., to serve the objectives of the association.

(F)) Cooperation with local authorities and with other clubs that pursue similar purposes.