Where to stay

For your comfortable stay in Ambelas of Paros search this page and you can find a list with all the Hotel units, the bed rooms, the apartments but also the Villas in the area Ambelas._ Ambelás of Paros has perhaps the best tourist infrastructure on the island of Paros and can respond to each specific requirement or possibility of obtaining accommodation, for the visitors._ Paros, has great tourist infrastructures. As a result it is a Greek tourist destination that exhibits great variety of accommodation which can cover almost every one's needs. Enjoy your stay in Ambelas - Paros - Cyclades - Greece


Hotel Ambelas

τηλέφωνο_ambelas_hotel+30 22840 51324 users-ambelas-paros

Rooms – Apartments – Studios

Ambelas Mare

telephone_margarita_studios+30 22840-51200 mail_32[email protected]

fax margarita studios+30 22840-53551 glossy-3d-blue-web-iconwww.ambelasmare.gr

Arokaria Seaside

telephone arokaria paros ambelas+30 22840 52057 mail arokaria paros ambelas[email protected]

telephone arokaria paros ambelas+30 69 77220639 website arokaria paros ambelaswww.arokaria.gr

Eleana Studios

telephone_margarita_studios+30 2284052376 mail_32[email protected]
telephone_margarita_studios+30 2284051493 glossy-3d-blue-web-iconEleana

Fyrogenis Palace

telephone_margarita_studios+30 22840 51119 fax margarita studios+30 22840.53112

telephone_margarita_studios+30 6977960904 glossy-3d-blue-web-iconhttp://www.fyrogenispalace.gr/

mail_32[email protected]

Fani Studios

Tel_Fani_Studios+30 22840 52709 Tel_Fani_Studios+30 69740 25157 Contact_Fyrogenis_PalacePiertzovani Φανή


telephone_Miltiades+30 22840 52020 users-ambelas-parosTantanis Miltiadis


telephone_Christiana+30 22840 51573 users-ambelas-parosTripolitsiwtis Christos


telephone_Bougazi+30 22840 52205 users-ambelas-parosJohn Vlahakis