PAROS as an ideal place for summer holiday wins every visitor with the variety and the beauty of its beaches throughout the island. Beaches for every taste, organized, less populous, small natural bays, with facilities for water sports and everything,that someone might liked during holiday. Through the excellent road network of the island, the visitor aproach easily the beaches that promise unforgettable moments.

Agia Irini

At the southern point of Parikia the visitor encounters of beach of Paros Agia Irini. Characteristic landscape with Palm trees with a colourful and interesting composition, without tourist assistance, offers unforgettable memories. Direct access from the public road with vehicle.


In the South of PAROS is situateda small picturesque village inhabited mainly by anglers. Great offer of accommodation especially for quiet family holidays who take advantage of the beautiful beaches of the village. Quiet sea with crystal waters away from the strong winds and small trees compose the scene in the area..
Easy access by bus or car.


Very near Naoussa is the picturesque village Ambelás with the intensely insular character. There one can swim in the harbor, in the small Bay or to seek an even quieter option in Aspros Gremos with warm waters. In every local restaurant there is fresh fish.. This village offers a separate respite and calm very close to bustling Naoussa that satisfy even the most discerning traveler.
You come to the village and the beaches by bus from Naoussa or by private vehicle.

Parikia, Livadia

After passing the airport of PAROS, at alyki Beach encounter Boytakoy. Clear water and unspoilt scenery .
The approach is from the road after Aliki towards Punta via easy dirt road or from the sea by boat.


In the South of Naousa shortly after the Ambela there is this beach for the initiated the marine surf, The beach is full of plants.. There is no tourist intervention in the beach, so it is popular mostly alternative visitors and windsurfers. . From the main road there is a small road leading to the beach.


Drios village is located east of PAROS.It is situated there the homonymous beach that follows the pattern of the area sealed by the presence of water that favours the flora and offers a beautiful picture with plants and azure blue. In the area there is also a Marina for private boats while the beach is unaffected by the winds. Natural rocks create a cave form, the "newsoikoys" known from antiquity. Pleasant stay in apartments and hotel rooms.
The install path of the island leads easily to the village and the beaches with public bus or car.


Very close to Molos on the right is the Kalogeros beach with a special character that is adorned with different shades of soil containing clay and. Beach known for its spa and cosmetic use of offered to the bathers.. The beach got its name from the nearby rock that has the form of a monk (kalogeros) who committed suicide at that point.
Access by car from the village of Marbles.


One more option that offers the Parikia is to the beach Kamínia. Calm waters near the Cape of Agios Fokas with the homonymous Chapel, It combines the virtues of large beaches Krios and Marcello with a more solitary sense.


Special scene that is characterized by rocks that lined up in different shapes creating a unique backdrop to this beach just across the road from Naoussa. Access by road or by boat from the port of Naoussa.


Very close to the Parikia, at a distance 2 km, is the beach of Krios accessed quickly by car or boat from the port city. Long beach with sand and limpid waters overlooking Parikia. Ideal for families and young people with free and organized areas where one may encounter beach bars and restaurants. There is also an organised camping.


In the the northeast of Naoussa it is Laggeri beach. There the sand is like white powder and blue waters carrying visitors into a dreamlike backdrop without hustle and crowds.
Easy access by small boat from Naoussa or vehicle.


Livadia is the nearest beach of Parikia, with clear waters, sand and easier access from the port. The Beach offers parasols and sunbeds while there are sport facilities. The beach has the advantage of being located in the residential area of Parikia and thus combines a stay at nearby accommodations with swimming and all the services visitors might need..


In the South of the island on the main road we come across the small road that leads to the Lwlantwni. Unique natural beauty unspoiled beach with fine sand and pebbles that are located along the beach.


Just after the beach of Krios is the beach called Marcello. Extends to great length with thoughtful shores and clear waters, sheltered from the winds.. One arrives easily with vehicle or boat from Parikia.


After Kolympithtres one meets the Monastery of Saint John – Deti with the homonymous Park and the Beach also called Monastery. The beach is part of the area where are organized cultural and environmental events are organized during the summer months. Shallow and sheltered beach with many facilities for bathers who can satisfy all needs and ages. Interestingly, in the region and the visit to Crow's Lighthouse.


Molos: near the village of Marbles in the arms of two low hills lies a great coast covered by sand where historically placed the ancient tile manufacture of PAROS. The beach has no umbrellas , It is more traditional and quiet overlooking the Naxos.
Access by car via Marmara village..


Well known beach of PAROS, close to Parikia is the Parasporos. On the beach there are umbrellas and natural shade.. Easy access by road.


In the North of the port of PAROS Naoussa lies almost in the village this sandy beach that combines life in Naoussa and the crystal clear waters.

Punta (opposite Antiparos)

In the southwest of the island on the way to the port of Aliki,it is situated Pounda beach with views and link to Antiparos. Place popular for watersports enthusiasts in particular windsurf and kitesurf for beginners and connoisseurs. .


Punta: Another option close to the Chrisi Akti for those who prefer the same landscape but interested in having fun on the beach, is Punta. Loud music , bars, dancing and swimming make that beach ideal destination for young visitors of the island.
Access by car.

Santa Maria

Santa Maria: in a short distance from Naoussa is this beach with umbrellas and sunbeds and facilities for activities at sea. One of the most beautiful beaches without being crowded, offers perfect contact with the sea and nature.
Vehicle access from the main road that continues after the Naousa.

Souvlia - Delfini

In the South of Parikia very near the town one can find the beach Souvlia. Smooth deep, sand and pebbles makes it especially popular for families. Easily visit even by foot , with vehicle or by bus


After Aliki village at a distance of approximately 16 klm from a secret almost alley we arrive on the Farangas beach that resembles a hidden paradise. It is an organised beach with many facilities.. The terrain with sand, rocks and vegetation provides enjoyment for all ages and the vivid sense of the holiday.Also the beach offers the isolation that someone might searches.
Access from the main road after Aliki with vehicle.

Chrissi Akti

Chrissi Akti : the famous beach of PAROS with the gold sand.. Great extent, highly organized with excellent infrastructure and conditions for various sports and in particular for windsurfing.. Very well known for the benefits of tourist services. The winds there is ideal for windsurfing and so attracts visitors from all over the world for this purpose.
Located in the southeast of the island and arrive easily by vehicle.