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telephone_margarita_studios+30 22840 51573 mail_32info@christianahotel.grfax margarita studios+30 22840 52075 glossy-3d-blue-web-iconwww.christianahotel.grGazing the blue sea of Aegean Sea from the small fishing village of Ambelas of Paros, with the "balcony of Naxos" It pops up in front of you and always with simplicity, the friendly service, the excellent raw materials will have the opportunity to taste in our restaurant the taste Greek cuisine, the spaghetti with lobster and kakabies, After as owners anglers with passion for our bondage, love to sample the work we will offer you the most fresh fish in PAROS.With the unpretentious but elegant presentation we managed to do the Christiana Restaurant the same, If no more, known by our hotel.Restaurant Christiana-Ambelás-Paros-Cyclades-Greece.